SIC Open Track Days for Cars & Bikes

Sepang Circuit Open Track Day are available on the below dates.

For Open Track Day - Car
Just walk in & register at the Track Office.
The entry fee is only RM318/session.

For Open Track Day - Bikes
Fill up the Registration Form for Pre-Registration and submit the form by email to
(Registration Form can be downloaded HERE )
The entry fee is only:
Group A: RM159/session for above 400cc
Group B: RM106/session for below 400cc

However, the schedule is provisional and might be change without prior notifications.
For those did not attend the RIDER'S BRIEFING will be excluded to participating the track day. Attendance will be recorded based on the pre-registration name. Second Rider's Briefing will be at 10.30 am for the riders who's missed the First Briefing.

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