It is the goal for SEPANG INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT SDN. BHD. to provide ‘Continual Improvement Processes’ in regards to the promotion of sustainable development as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels to meet the needs of fast growing market and achieve the highest satisfaction for our customers at all times and at the same time maximize the value of all our stakeholders.

We strongly believe this is achievable through inculcating the culture of operating an effective Continual Improvement Processes with inclusivity, integrity, stewardship and transparency in meeting the requirements of the International Standards and Best Practices at all levels of all employees within the Company.

We shall continually seek to identify areas for improvement within the organisation and undertake improvement programs by meeting applicable legal and other relevant requirements with total participation from all employees in an environmentally friendly manner to enhance the continual improvement process and improving management of the sustainability issues surrounding both the Company and its products and services.

All Chiefs and Heads of Departments or Board of Directors shall commit to monitor and review the actual performance of the established objectives within their responsibility and accountability and initiate timely action should the actual performance deviate out of the set objectives. The Board of Directors shall also maintain a constant and continuing interest in sustainability management matters applicable to the Company’s activities. We shall commit to strive towards the established practices and processes, monitor and review the suitability and effectiveness on a timely basis.
The above policy shall be placed at strategic locations and briefings shall be conducted periodically for employees, contractors, visitors and customers’ awareness and understanding.

Our Scope of Certification: Managing and Operating Sepang Circuit and Organising, Promotion of Motorsports and Entertainment Events.
From the Management of Sepang International Circuit
Dear Valued Customers and MotoGP fans,

It has come to our attention that certain irresponsible parties are taking advantage of the in-demand 2019 Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix event to produce and sell counterfeit tickets. We have also discovered some parties are selling tickets at a higher price than SIC.

We would like to strongly advise customers to get your tickets from SIC via our official website or ticket counter or at any of our authorized agents listed on our website. This is to ensure your purchase are genuine 2019 Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix race tickets for smooth access through our electronic gates.

Kindly be reminded that Sepang International Circuit will not be responsible if you are denied entry to the event if you failed to produce genuine bar-coded event tickets for entry to our spectator areas.

For further enquiries, kindly contact SIC TICKET HOTLINE at +60127555731 (Whatsapp) or email ticket@sepangcircuit.com.my

Tickets for the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 can be purchased here www.sepangcircuit.com/ticketing/2019-shell-malaysia-motorcycle-grand-prix-offici/2019-shell-malaysia-motorcycle-grand-prix-offi-(1)

See you at the Malaysian MotoGP this 1 – 3 November!
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Kepada pelanggan dan peminat sukan MotoGP,

Kami telah mendapati bahawa ada beberapa pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab mengambil kesempatan di atas penjualan tiket palsu bagi acara Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019. Terdapat juga individu yang sedang menjual tiket MotoGP ini dengan harga yang lebih mahal daripada harga yang dijual oleh pihak SIC.

Dengan itu, pihak SIC ingin menasihati pelanggan dan peminat MotoGP untuk mendapatkan tiket MotoGP anda terus dari SIC melalui laman web rasmi kami atau di kaunter tiket SIC. Anda juga boleh mendapatkan tiket tersebut dari ejen tiket kami yang tersenarai di laman web SIC. Ini adalah untuk memastikan tiket yang anda beli merupakan tiket rasmi perlumbaan Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 bagi memastikan akses yang lancar melalui pintu masuk elektronik SIC.

Sila ambil perhatian bahawa pihak SIC tidak akan bertanggungjawab di atas kegagalan anda untuk memasuki acara MotoGP ini jika tiket yang dipamerkan adalah tiket berkod yang tidak rasmi atau palsu.

Untuk pertanyaan lanjut, sila hubungi kami di talian +60127555731 (Whatsapp) atau melalui emel ticket@sepangcircuit.com.my

Tickets for the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 can be purchased here www.sepangcircuit.com/ticketing/2019-shell-malaysia-motorcycle-grand-prix-offici/2019-shell-malaysia-motorcycle-grand-prix-offi-(1)

Jumpa anda di MotoGP Malaysia 1 – 3 November ini.
Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has no objection to the participation of the physically challenged in its events, programmes and activities on the track. Nevertheless, in the interest of safety of themselves and other participants, the participation of the physically handicapped or OKUs will be at the discretion of the organiser and SIC as the venue provider for all events, programmes and activities held in SIC.

As motor racing is dangerous and a sport of high risks, the organiser, in its discretion for the overall safety of the event, can decline an application for participation by any party - particularly if he or she is not fit to go onto the track.

To be considered for participation, the physically challenged participants need to provide proof that he or she is fit to ride or drive. A minimum requirement of providing an OKU riding or driving license is needed. If unavailable, the organiser has the right to assess his/her condition on site before being allowed to participate.

If accepted, the organiser has to ensure that the slot/group participants which the physically handicapped or OKU will be joining is fully aware of his/her participation. SIC recommends and encourages the organiser to create a dedicated slot for the physically handicapped/OKU.

The decision of the organizer is final. For more enquiries, please contact Mr Fazli Mukhtar Affandi at +60127555731 (Whatsapp) or fazli.affandi@sepangcircuit.com
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Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC) tidak mempunyai sebarang bantahan terhadap penyertaan orang kurang upaya (OKU) dalam acara-acara, program dan aktiviti di litar. Walau bagaimanapun, demi keselamatan mereka dan peserta lain, penyertaan bagi peserta OKU atau cacat fizikal adalah berdasarkan keputusan pihak penganjur dan SIC sebagai penyedia tempat untuk menjalankan acara-acara dan aktiviti di litar ini.

Sukan permotoran merupakan sukan yang berbahaya dan berisiko tinggi, pihak penganjur perlu memastikan keselamatan keseluruhan acara atau aktiviti yang terlibat, oleh itu, pihak penganjur berhak untuk menolak permohonan penyertaan oleh mana-mana pihak, terutamanya jika peserta tidak berupaya untuk menjalankan aktiviti di litar ini.

Untuk pertimbangan penyertaan, peserta kurang upaya perlu menyediakan bukti kelayakan minimum seperti lesen memandu atau lesen memandu OKU diperlukan. Sekiranya tidak ada, pihak penganjur mempunyai hak untuk menilai keadaan peserta OKU sebelum dibenarkan menyertai acara-acara di litar ini.

Sekiranya penyertaan diterima, pihak penganjur perlu memaklumkan kepada peserta lain yang berada di dalam slot / kumpulan yang sama dengan peserta OKU berkenaan. SIC mencadangkan dan menggalakkan pihak penganjur untuk membuat slot dedikasi untuk peserta kurang upaya / cacat fizikal.

Keputusan penganjur adalah muktamad. Untuk pertanyaan lanjut, sila hubungi Encik Fazli Mukhtar Affandi di talian +60127555731 (Whatsapp) atau fazli.affandi@sepangcircuit.com