Rules & Regulations


Activity Rules and Regulations
13 years old and above The age limit to drive our Go-Karts is 13 years old and above.
Fill up an indemnity form You will need to register and fill up an indemnity form before commencing with the activity. You will not be allowed to start until you have done so.
No high heels and slippers Please ensure you are wearing shoes. No high heels and slippers.
No skirts/ long dresses You MUST be wearing sports attire/ jeans/ long pants. No skirts/ long dresses etc.
Dangerous driving is not allowed Dangerous driving is not allowed. If a driver is driving dangerously without considering the safety of others, he/she will be shown the red flag TWICE as a warning. After the third red flag, he/ she will be disqualified and asked to exit the track, but may continue watching the race from the grandstand.
Do not leave your personal belongings unattended Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. SIC would not be accountable for lost of items.
Follow SIC's Rules & Regulations Please ensure that you follow SIC's Rules & Regulations. Any person displaying drunken, dangerous or unruly behavior will be asked to leave the Circuit premises and we will forfeit any money paid for their bookings.