Located within the 300-hectare vicinity of SIC, the motorsport park occupy 57,600 sqm of land space.


This fully gated and guarded commercial hub will feature state-of-the-art security surveillance system to safeguard occupants and their property. The park’s close proximity to the world-renowned Sepang Formula 1 track and also give team owners a chance to test their cars on a regular basis and keep up to speed with their performance developments. Designed to accommodate every aspect of motorsport needs, occupants will enjoy designated office space as well as garages to develop their teams, or operate commercial businesses such performance shops, retail space, showroom or other motorsports related activities.




The Garages 40 single storeys modern contemporary garage
  1. 2 types:
    1. Type A (35 units) – 23m x 7.5m (173 sqm)
      1. 3 Corner units
      2. 7 End units
      3. 20 Intermediate units
      4. Store up to 9 cars
    2. Type B (5 units) – 23m x 12m (277 sqm)
      1. 1 Corner unit
      2. 1 End unit
      3. 3 Intermediate units
      4. 3 Intermediate units
  2. Mezzanine Floor in each unit:
    • Type A – 6m x 7.5m (45sqm)
    • Type B – 6m x 12m (72sqm)
  3. Each unit has double frontage facing north and south respectively.
  4. Each unit comes with 1 toilet and 1 store/kitchen area
  5. Sufficient space in front /back each unit for loading/unloading from 40ft container truck.
  6. Private tenant parking area in front/back of own unit.
  7. Power and water supplies, air ventilation, points for Air Conditioner and lines for telephone.
  8. Rainwater harvesting for toilet use.
Container Bays
  1. Available storage space up to 48 units of 40ft container.
  2. Crusher run surface/driveway.
  3. Easy accessibility.
Public Parking Bays
  1. Bays for up to 200 cars
  2. 2 Separate entrances from the Garage Area and Container Bays.
  3. Crusher run surface/driveway.
  4. Gated.