The Sepang International Circuit enhances the security for the online ticketing system by applying 3D-Secure Compliant Technology which protects your card information and ensures the security of your purchase details. This technology basically requires proof of ownership before a transaction is approved, which eliminates instances of identity theft and thereby protecting the security of your credit card transactions.

The 3D-Secure Compliant Technology works by redirecting you to your bank’s login page, where you will be required to enter your security password before your online purchase is approved.

As not all credit cards are 3D-Secure enabled, please contact your issuing bank to make sure that your card is 3D-Secure Compliant.

Should you have problems with your online purchases on recently, here's a quick checklist before you send an email to

  1. Make sure that your credit card’s 3D-Secure is actually enabled
    Some banks take up to 3 days to activate this feature. Therefore, if you encounter any error messages in your attempt to purchase tickets right after activation, just wait a few hours and then try again.
  2. Check your 3D-Secure password
    Please make sure that you do not give out your password to anyone. You should also make sure that you had typed in the correct password.
  3. Spending limits and international transfers
    Please check the limits set on your credit card to make sure that you have not exceeded your limits.

Still facing errors? Then send an email to and we'll get on it ASAP!

P.S. You can also purchase tickets via PayPal!