​Sunday, 28 November 2021 – The privateer team #7 driving Suzuki Swift painted in green with their drivers, Leona Chin, Akina Teo, Tham Yik Choon, Adrian Chong and Mohd Nasri concluded the hottest 9-hours endurance race, the Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race (S1K) as the winner for the Modified (M) Production category at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) yesterday.

Leona commented, “Thanks to the fellow sponsors and the team for the arrangements of S1K. We are happy that we won the race. The dramatic race. Lots of challenges from it, and surely we will cherish this moment.”

A steady performance from the Tedco Racing team led them to finish the race in second place with their combinations, Yee Kok Jun, Mah Siew Chean, Foo Yung Chieh and Aaron Lim Say Joon.

The team commented, “It was a tough long day, luckily we came through cleanly at the end. Unfortunately for the other competitors, I guess that’s racing. We experienced ups and downs this year, and thankfully we got miracle on our side.”

On the other hand, the endurance actions are too tight for the rising talent, Hayden Haikal and his partner, Timothy Yeo Renquan from Wing Hin Motorsports. Both were dropped from the first position to the third position in the category due to not following the sporting regulations of S1K based on Article 18.4 and Article 16.13.

Article 18.4 - If a drive-through cannot be affected when the race is nearing the end, a 1-minute penalty will be added to the overall time achieved by the team

Article 16.13 - If the stop/go penalty cannot be imposed during the race, the time will be added to the overall time of the team.

Moving into the Stock (S) Production category, the competitiveness shown by the R Engineering HMRT has secured them a double podium. Accelerating to the chequered flag, Lai Wee Sing and Calvin Wong ended the race as the champion. The runner-up goes to Putera Adam and his partner, Chiow Teck Song. Privateer team #46, Baron Sim, Pee Sau Fan and Ian Wong Jien Sean finished in third place.

The champion, Lai Wee Sing and Calvin Wong commented, “We did a pretty well overall race, and we won the race with the luck was on our side. Overall, the team did a good job to keep all the strategy happen.”

The runner-up, Putera Adam and Chiow Teck Song commented, “The race was very challenging for both of us, and it is also our first endurance race. After all, we manage to get the podium. Thumbs up to the team members.”

Team #46 commented, “We are grateful for today. Thanks to the crew members and partners for their efforts. Great drive and a great experience for all of us.”

For photos, kindly refer to this link, https://bit.ly/3CTPBwg

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