The Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) is a national racing series promoted and organised by Sepang International Circuit (SIC) as an initiative to promote and develop 4-wheel racing sports in Malaysia.
The series originated from the old Malaysian Super Series (MSS) championship, which was introduced in 2002 – three years after Formula 1 first came into the Malaysian shores as SIC took advantage of the renewed interest in motorsports amongst Malaysians. The series was rebranded as the MCS in 2015 to inject further interest and excitement into the series.
Drawing Malaysia’s top drivers and racing teams, the MCS runs the Touring Production (TP) for modified production and turbo cars up to 2000cc, Malaysia Touring Car (MTC) for the modified class of 1600cc and below, Stock Production 1 (SP1) for cars up to 2000cc, and Stock Production 2 (SP2) for cars below 1600cc. MCS is open to competitors outside Malaysia making both MCS and MSBK key motorsports events in the region.
Normally, the teams and drivers competed in four rounds.  Each of the rounds have two one-hour endurance races held in four weekends with the final round made more challenging as they compete in a 300-km endurance race of 54 laps around the 5,543-meter track.



MCS 2023 ROUND 4