Datuk Wira Dani Abdul DaimDirector

Datuk Wira Dani Bin Abdul Daim, aged 44 years old, a Malaysian, serves as a consultant to a major infrastructure and public utility group in Malaysia while serving as the Managing Director in various companies in Malaysia. Datuk Wira Wira Dani is actively involved in his family’s merger and acquisitions business activities, which relate to power resources in the coal and oil sectors in Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa, as well as the flagship banking assets and the strategic alliances associated with it. He has been an Executive Chairman of ISR Capital Limited and Executive Chairman of Asiasons WFG Financial Ltd. Datuk Wira Wira Dani also serves as Chairman of Astute Capital Limited from 2012 to date. He was also a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director at LionGold Corp Ltd and was also appointed to the board of directors of Avillion Berhad on July 27, 2016 but has retired from those positions. He is now serves as Director of Dani Sdn Bhd, a private company incorporated in Malaysia. He is an entrepreneur and sports enthusiast. Datuk Wira Wira Dani was conferred a Master of Arts degree in 2006 from Cambridge University following a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in 2001 from Wolfsson College, Cambridge University. In sports, Datuk Wira Wira Dani was a professional race car driver during his younger days, participating in various racing series such as the Malaysia SuperSeries, Merdeka Millenium Race, Proton National Championship to name a few. He has since retired from racing. Datuk Wira Wira Dani is the President, co-owner and founder of the KL Dragons (WestportsMalaysia Dragons).