Terms & Conditions for “MalaysianGP Superfan Contest”

  1. Organisers

    “MalaysianGP Superfan Contest” will be organized by Sepang International Circuit Sdn.Bhd (Company No: 4571149-T) , a company having its principal place of business at Jalan Pekeliling, 64000, KLIA, Selangor, Malaysia (“SIC”). SIC will use Facebook as the ONLY medium for the contest.

  2. Requirements for participants joining the contest
    • Participants MUST purchase a Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 ticket under the Hafizh Syahrin Tribune and/or Main Grandstand ticket category and the ticket shall bear the participant’s name.
    • Participants must like SIC’s Facebook page.
    • Participants must share a poster made by SIC on Facebook with the caption “I am a #MalaysianGPSuperfan” and MUST tag SIC and a friend.
  3. How the winners will be chosen

    3.1 SIC will select two winners based on the highest points accumulated.

    3.2 SIC’s decisions on all matters relating to the contest (including without limitation, the selection of winners and/or any resolutions made) shall be final and absolute and binding on the participants. No discussion, correspondence, enquiry, appeal or challenge in respect of any decision of SIC will be entertained.

    3.3 The participant shall not dispute nor make any oral or written complaints, public announcements or statements on the same whether during or after the contest period.

  4. Disqualifications and Penalties

    4.1 SIC reserves the right to disqualify participants and/or revoke the prize (at any stage of the contest) if:-

    • Participants register with an incorrect CF ticket code;
    • Participants did not follow the 3 steps requirements made by SIC in Clause 2 above;
    • Participants breaches the terms and conditions or other rules and regulations of the contest or violated any applicable laws or regulations; or
    • In the SIC’s sole determination, it believes that the participants has attempted to undermine the operation of the contest by fraud, cheating or deception.

    4.2 In the event of a disqualification after the prize has been awarded, SIC reserves the right to demand for the return of the prize or payment of its value from the ineligible participants.

  5. Conditions of the promotion and prizes

    5.1 Sepang International Circuit will contact the winners after the contest, however, if the winner does not respond within 24 hours, the prize will be given to the next participant with highest points. If no participant can be contacted, the prize will be vacated.

    5.2 The prize shall be excluded of:

    • Meals & other expenses to be borne by the winner.
    • No access to garage, only by invitation
    • No access to hospitality.
    • Restricted access for paddock.
    • No change of flights & travel arrangements. For any changes, winner will have to bear the cost.
    • Eligible for 2 pax. No age limit. Children/ Teenager aged 16 and below must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Cost and expense in obtaining valid travelling documents and/or passport

    SIC will liaise with Pole Position for winner’s travel arrangement

  6. Publication of comments or opinions

    SIC shall not tolerate any comments or opinions that is considered inappropriate, offensive or rude. SIC shall not be responsible for any loss, cost, expense and/or damages incurred or suffered by the participants in relation to this contest.

  7. Protection of Personal Data

    By participating in this contest, the participants hereby agree that it has consented in all material respects with the collection and use of the participants’ personal information collected, used, or held for use by SIC in the conduct of SIC’s business under Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

  8. Disclaimer of Liability

    Sepang International Circuit will not be responsible for any damages, losses, theft, delays or any other circumstances that may affect this contest, the participants and/or any third party. We shall not be responsible in cases of force majeure events that could prevent participants undertaking the contest.

  9. Changes

    Selection of winners will be to the sole rights and decision of SIC. We reserve the right to modify or extend the contest and/or prize, insofar as this does not prejudice or impair the rights of the participants in the contest.

  10. Warranties

    10.1 The participant represents and warrants SIC that

    10.1.1 participant has met all the criteria and has the right, authority and power to enter into the contest in accordance with Terms and Conditions and shall provide such proof if SIC requires;

    10.1.2 all the statements (if any and if so required) made by the participant to SIC are true correct accurate and complete.

    10.2 In consideration of SIC offering to the participant the opportunity to participate in a Contest, the participant hereby unconditionally and irrevocably;

    10.2.1 agrees that if so required by SIC, the winner shall make himself/herself available (without compensation) for the production, recording and publicity of the contest during the such time and production schedule as may be notified by SIC:-

    • interview (which shall be recorded); and/or
    • taking of still photos, audio and/or visual recording for promotions and publicity use (collectively “Recording”).

    10.2.2 agrees and consents that SIC shall have right and absolute discretion to broadcast the Recording and/or use the slogan, names or nicknames on any of its programmes/channels in whole or in part at SIC’s discretion. All copyrights subsisting in the Recording shall belong to SIC absolutely.

    10.2.3 agrees that SIC reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to use and exploit the Intellectual Property via any means or media and in any manner and anytime that it deems fit without first obtaining any consent nor making any payment whatsoever to the participant and/or the contest winner(s) and/or representatives.

    10.2.4 confirms that the participant has read and understood Terms and Conditions of the contest and the participants agrees to abide by the said terms and conditions accordingly and agrees to cooperate and to follow all directions given to the participants.

    10.2.5 agrees that all prizes to be awarded in the contest is contingent upon the accuracy of the information provided and disclosures made by the participant and the full and complete performance of the participants warranties, undertakings and obligations hereunder.

    10.2.6 agrees that the participant shall not by act or omission, directly or indirectly bring SIC into disrepute.

    10.2.7 agrees that the participant shall not without the prior written consent from SIC publish or disclose any information in connection with the contest or prize (including without limitation, to any representatives of media in any form whatsoever).

    10.2.8 agrees that the participant shall not give any product endorsement, any interviews or be involved in any articles or reports in respect of the contest or the prize with any third party.