Wednesday, 15 December 2021 – Heavy rain from the beginning did not stop R Engineering HMRT to continue their successful track record for the final showdown of Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) 2021 Round 3 Race 2 by achieving 3 podiums in Touring Production (TP), Stock Production 1 (SP1), and Stock Production 2 (SP2).

Their victories in Race 2 were contributed by Alif Hamdan and his partner, Lai Wee Sing in T Production, then in Chiow Teck Song as a runner up in SP1 followed by Putera Adam who finished in second place for SP2.

The winners in T Production for Round 1 – 3 commented, “we are lucky enough to win the race today. It’s part of the research and development program for the car to get ready for next year. Everything went well. We are looking good for tomorrow’s (Round 4) 300KM race”.

Runner up in SP1, Chiow Teck Song commented, “Race 2 is very challenging and hard drive due to the weather. I am thankful for finishing the race in the second position. Thumbs up to the team members and sponsors”.

Another runner up in SP2, Car #25, Putera Adam driving Honda Jazz commented, “We started in third place, leading most of the race. The team did a very good job. We were bumper-to-bumper with Mitchell and Eddie through the last few laps. I’m looking forward to the endurance tomorrow”.

Moving to Malaysian Touring Car (MTC), Tedco Racing make a huge impact in Race 2 by bagging the first and second place of the category. Leona Chin and her partner, Akina Teo secured the race as the winner while Foo Yung Cheah and Mark Darwin finished in second place.

Leona Chin commented, “I was feeling under the weather today. Most of the driving was done by my partner, Akina. He did a good job. The car had a problem during Race 1. In Race 2 we managed to solve the issue and we chased back up and won P1”.

Mark Darwin and Foo Yung Cheah commented, “It was a tricky race for us due to the heavy rain. We lose quite a few positions during the start then we slowly getting our pace till the end and here we are”.

Tomorrow will be the last battle of MCS 2021 to conclude the National Championship calendar (four-wheels racing) for 2021. Warm-up starts at 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM followed by the 300KM race (54 laps) at 11:15 AM – 1:45 PM.

The race can also be viewed live on SIC Facebook page. Join us to see all the action for the last battle of MCS 2021.

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