For those adrenaline seekers, we have not forgotten you. Take a hot lap in our Safety Car with our driver round the full 5.543 km track, all 15 turns at speeds close to 300km/h. The taxi ride includes 1 out lap (to warm up), 1 hot lap and finally 1 in lap. Stopping at the famous turn 15 for a photo session. Harness the inner racer in yourself, or simply use the knowledge to become a better driver. We are excited to give you a chance to live out your racing fantasy for a day. Another achievement unlocked!

Our Driving Experience aims to give everyone a chance to learn what it takes to drive fast round a track. And what better track than Sepang International Circuit. Each package includes a coaching lap from an SIC appointed driving coach. Following that you will get 1 lap for yourself with 1 entry lap, where you will get to stop at turn 15 for a photo session.

So, whether you just want to feel the speed with a Taxi Ride, or be a racer for a day with our Diving Experience. There is no doubt it will be a day you won’t forget! Book a session now!
1 Taxi Ride 1 Exit lap, 1 Hot lap, 1 Entry lap 180.00 Stop at turn 15 for photos 15 mins
2 Driving Experience 1 Coaching lap, 1 Hot lap, 1 Entry lap 280.00 Stop at turn 15 for photos 15 mins