20 Dec 2013

Superbiker Nadarajan Sets Longest Bike Ride In Sepang
Superbiker Nadarajan Periasamy rode himself into Malaysia's Book of Records after completing 12 hours of non-stop riding on his Honda Goldwing around Sepang Circuit for ‘The Longest Motorcycle Ride' record yesterday; but admitted that he was filled with mixed emotions upon completing the feat.

"I am happy; and I am also sad today. This was supposed to be a joint effort with my late son, Velugaran. I missed him very much and I would like to dedicate this record to my son," Nadarajan said after completing 12 hours of endurance ride and 131 laps around the 5.543-km MotoGP track.

"It was fun; but it was also very hard … especially during that heavy rain," Nadarajan said as he related his experience; starting his adventure as early as 6am with only stops for fueling, toilet breaks and a brief ceremonial flagging off ceremony at the sixth hour mark by SIC Chief Executive Officer Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali at 12 noon that lasted less than five minutes.

In covering all the breaks, Nadarajan, who was joined by his superbiker friends that took turns in supporting the 47-year old Penangite, rode an additional 30 minutes until 6.30pm to formalize his record breaking feat for a 12-hour non-stop endurance ride.

Nadarajan said: "The most difficult part was during the rain. It was raining very heavily. But, I just continue. I would like to thank my family members and friends who braved the rain to be with me on the track and at the pitwall to give me encouragement.

"I could stop remembering my son throughout today's ride. I felt very close to him. I missed him very much," he said in reference to the late Velugaran, who actually conceived the idea for the ride but could not make it a reality after he was killed in a road accident in Johor Bahru in 2005.

The longest ride record would be Nadarajan's second inscription in Malaysia's Book of Records as he also holds the record for achieving the nation's first Longest Standing Motorcycle Ride in 2007. For the record, he traveled a distance of 933km from Gelang Patah, Johor to Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah. The ride, which was carried out on his Honda Goldwing 1500cc bike, took him 10 hours and 45 minutes to complete.

In preparation for Sepang's 12-hour long endurance ride, Nadarajan said he jogged five kilometers daily and spending his Sundays riding his bike around the Batu Kawan Stadium's car park in Penang.

"I have to do that because I need to get myself used to an environment which doesn't change. When I was setting my previous record, the longest standing motorcycle ride, the environment changed all the time. I was able to see different things happening during each second of the ride.

"But at the track, I will be seeing the same thing over and over again, so I need to train myself to ride in a monotonous environment. I have to train myself mentally and physically. If I lose my concentration, I will not be able to handle the big bike," he said.

Nadajan said : "The next one that I have in mind will again feature Sepang International Circuit. The plan is to place cones around the track and I will do a slalom ride for a period of time. Maybe six hours … I am not sure yet; but it will need some planning especially in getting the date from SIC.

"I am made to understand that the track is fully booked throughout the year. So, I sincerely hope SIC can help me again on this one," added Nadarajan, who had SIC, Metzeler tyres, Maxima Oil, R-KM, Fieldsheer, AMX Helmet and Boon Siew Honda supporting him for this record feat.

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