20 Dec 2013
Saturday Night Fever is Back On The Track
The Saturday Night Fever challenge series, organised by former race driver Adian Yein along with his Ignition.my.team, made a spectacular comeback on Christmas day at the Sepang International Circuit.

The challenge series, last held at the Batu 3, Shah Alam track in 2002 is now showcasing a whole new generation of racers. The series differs from the Sepang Drag Battle as it utilises a larger part of the track as opposed to only using the front strip like in the Sepang Drag Battle.

Saturday’s event was a sneak preview for the nine rounds series that will be taking place in SIC next year, starting with their first round on January 15. According to Adian, the series hopes to generate interest among motorsports fans with a new twist on the circuit action and exhilaration.

As the sun sets, the event kicked off with the drivers’ Open Practice session. Then, accompanied by awesome flashing neon lights and booming hip-hop music, the drivers battled on the track on Saturday night at the circuit’s North track with close to 1,000 fans cheering them on from the stands.

Racer John Teo was declared as the champion for the 4WD Battle and also the Open Categories with his outstanding win in his Evo 6, leaving Aravind Kumar in second place and Remus Chang in third.

The Campro Chase category had to be divided into two categories due to the high number of participants. Shaiful Nizam took the lead in Group A with his awesome performance, while Megat took the number one spot in Group B.

In the FF Festival category, Kesavamoorthy Ayyaw proved to be the hardest driver to catch up with, beating experienced racer Desmond Yee and Ari in his DC5 to the finish line.

The competition in the RWD Pursuit category was intense as Tai Kien Yick took the lead in his S15. It was a tough battle, filled with excitement from the beginning right to the chequered flag. John Lee was declared as second place winner while BP Chu took third place with his Lotus Elise.

The Saturday Night Fever event also showcased Team and Car Parade, Sexy Girls Car Wash, Podium Dancers on Ford Rangers and Land Rovers.

With turbo charged flame-spitting Nissan Silvias, Mitsubishi Evo Xs and Subaru Imprezas on track along with sexy girls washing cars and dancing on the podium as a very special Christmas treat, it was clear that the Saturday Night Fever was a crowd puller, and fans will be waiting for the action to start with their first round, scheduled for January 15 next year.

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