A Memorable Sunday at Sepang International Circuit

Final Motorsport Free Morning of the year and SIC International Individual Time Trial offer a weekend experience with a difference
SEPANG, 19 December 2016 – With 2016 drawing to a close, Sepang International Circuit (SIC) once again became the weekend destination of choice yesterday, with both the final Motorsport Free Morning event of the year and the inaugural SIC International Individual Time Trial drawing fitness enthusiasts as well as passionate cyclists to the circuit.

In the Motorsport Free Morning activity, members of the public could access the 5.543km world-class track for their fitness routine, including for running, walking, cycling and rollerblading from 700am to 1000am. Meanwhile, the SIC International Individual Time Trial that ran from 1100am to 100pm attempted to record the fastest single lap achieved on a bicycle on the track.
“In our quest to support the national goal of creating a healthy and fit nation, we are glad that the Motorsport Free Morning continues to attract members of the public, especially with families taking advantage of the school holidays to spend time together. The SIC team is also excited to see the fastest lap on a bicycle recorded in the SIC International Individual Time Trial. Congratulations to Sofian Nabil Omar Mohd Bakri. We’re looking forward to witnessing more athletes setting records here in the future,” said Dato’ Razlan Razali, Chief Executive Officer of SIC.

In total, 74 cyclists in eight categories participated in the SIC International Individual Time Trial. Sofian and his fellow Team National Sports Council cyclists Muhammad Zawawi Azman and Nik Mohd Azwan Zulkiflie and Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi of Team Malaysia were among several professional cyclists in action yesterday, while Malaysian motorcycle racer Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Dato’ Razlan were among the amateur cyclists attempting to outdo their speed records.

The fitness enthusiasts participating in the Motorsport Free Morning included Akasyah from Kota Warisan, who was running with his friends, Zulhizam and Mohd Fadzly. “This is my second time attending SIC’s Motorsports Free Morning. I hope SIC can organise this every week or at least twice a month. I’ve brought my friend along today and we think this is good because the environment here is safe for running and cycling. We will definitely come back again for more sessions,” said the 32-year-old Akasyah.
“I’m a sports enthusiast and have been cycling since my school days but I had to interrupt my cycling for some time due to illness. Now that I am better, I have resumed cycling. This is my first time here and it is a good event. I invited my friends as well but they pulled out as the weather forecast showed there’s probably going to be a thunderstorm today. They also found it a bit too early for their family. This is my first time and it is interesting because I’m cycling on the same track used by Formula 1 racers,” said Eric Lau, 44, from Subang Jaya.

Among the families participating in the Motorsport Free Morning were Jennifer Yee and her husband Jon Yap and their two children. “This is my first time here on the track with my kids and we found it exciting today. It is nice that SIC has organised such an event for us to experience running and cycling on the track. It’s like having access to a free and safe highway for sports,” said Jennifer. Jon shared that while he has driven on the SIC track, it was his first experience cycling on it.
“I truly enjoy cycling at the track and I usually cycle alone on a Sunday morning but this time I’ve brought my wife and daughters along to experience it. I feel like a racer when I’m cycling on the track and I can feel how it is on the track compared to just watching it on television,” said Ahmad Nazree, 45, from Puchong, who came with his wife Yasmin and their two daughters.

Meanwhile, in the SIC International Individual Time Trial, the fastest lap overall was recorded by Sofian Nabil Omar Mohd Bakri at 6 minutes 53.1 seconds followed by Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi only 1.943 seconds behind and Muhammad Zawawi Azman in third at 6 minutes 57.445 seconds. They received cash prizes of RM10,000, RM3,000 and RM2,000 respectively.
The 2016 SIC International Individual Time Trial was supported by DRIVE M7 Energy Drinks, GARMIN and Rudy Project.
Think you have what it takes to challenge the record for the fastest lap on a bicycle on the Sepang track? Look out for your next chance announced on SIC’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sepanginternationalcircuit
SIC – International Individual Time Trial 2016
Official Results
1. Sofian Nabil Omar Mohd Bakri 6’53.100s
2. Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi 6’55.043s
3. Muhammad Zawawi Azman 6’57.445s
4. Nazri Muhamad 7’15.715s
5. Nik Mohd Azwan Zulkeflie 7’17.714s
1. Bryan Chen 7’41.052s
2. Muhamad Fahruazam Mohd Hanifiah 7’48.932s
3. Muhammad Akmal Zaidi 7’55.465s
4. Muhammad Justin Felix Nagel 8’07.895s
5. Chung Yaoshan 8’10.765s
1. Azli Najmi Zulkefli 7’28.833s
2. Muhammad Aiman Haiqal 8’25.312s
3. Muzzammil Ishak 8’34.354s
4. Yong Yen Shen 9’24.389s
1. Ian Johnston 7’40.995s
2. Emir Nazreen Rohaimi 8’08.781s
3. Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin 8’28.524s
4. Mohamad Hanif Samingan 8’33.693s
1. Mohd Shafari Abdul Malik 7’50.274s
2. Mohd Zukri Tahir 7’53.924s
3. Suhardi Wahab 8’05.287s
4. Isma Rizuan Mohamad Esa 8’06.134s
5. Zakaria Sabran 8’08.106s
1. Michael Tighe 7’30.012s
2. Muhammad Hafiz Wong Abdullah 7’52.045s
3. Dato’ Razlan Razali 7’58.232s
4. Azman Abdul Rahman 8’00.133s
5. Razali Osman 8’09.491s
1. Muhamad Razani Husain 8’14.974s
2. Donald Liew 8’37.599s
3. Mohd Yazid Sarin 8’52.877s
4. Juned Mustaff 9’16.028s
1. Mariana Mohammad 8’08.994s
2. Nur Azrenna Ahmad Jumry 8’35.113s
3. Nur Ain Fazlin Abd Halim 10’10.275s
4. Amirah Shaali Masri 10’11.498s
5. Yong Ann Yii 10’25.371s
For more information, please contact SIC National Press Officer Nor Lina Ayob at norlina.ayob@sepangcircuit.com.