• Q1. Where do I park?
      There are numerous designated parking areas around the Circuit for ticket holders. Please refer to the 'tickets' section of our website to find out the best parking location for the type of tickets you hold. You may wish to purchase your parking tickets early as parking bays are limited.
    • Q2. Can I cancel my booking?
      Once received, we will consider your booking confirmed and no cancellation is allowed.
    • Q3. Can I make changes to my booking?
      No changes are allowed once the booking is received and processed.
    • Q4. How do I know if my booking is received?
      As soon as we receive your booking, we will confirm it by sending you a confirmation letter and a copy of your credit card slip. Once we have done that, we will call you to confirm that you have received the credit card slip and the letter. Invoices will only be issued to orders of RM1,000.00 or higher. You may wish to contact our ticket hotline at +603-8778 2222 or e-mail us at ticket@malaysiangp.com.my if you have any enquiries regarding your booking.
    • Q5. How can I pay for the tickets?
      Please view our ticketing terms & conditions for more information.
    • Q6. Where do I collect my tickets?
      Please view our ticketing terms & conditions for ticket collection and delivery.
    • Q7. Are children allowed?
      There is no age limit to gain entry into the Circuit or any of the ticketed spectators viewing areas. However, it is not advisable to bring babies and toddlers to the Circuit owing to the sweltering heat and ear-splitting noise. Should you choose to bring your children, please ensure that they are under your care and supervision at all times. SIC shall not be responsible for the safety of your children during their presence in the Circuit.
    • Q8. Do I have to buy tickets for my children?
      A ticket is required for children 7 years old and above. Children who enter without tickets do not have any reserved seating. However, a valid ticket must be presented by each person who wishes to participate in the 23 March free Pit Lane Walk commencing at the Main Grandstand, including children of all ages. There is no special pricing for children.
    • Q9. How many days of entry are the tickets valid for?
      The validity of the tickets is printed on each ticket. All standard tickets will grant ticket holder entry to the designated seating/hospitality area for 24& 25 March 2012 (Sat & Sun).Single day tickets are only valid for use to gain entry on the designated entry day printed on the ticket. Entry to the designated spectator areas on 23 March (Fri) is free of charge. However, a valid ticket must be presented by each person who wishes to participate in the 23 March free Pit Lane Walk commencing at the Main Grandstand, including children below 7 years of age.
    • Q10. Are cameras or video cameras allowed?
      Cameras are allowed. However, video cameras are not.
    • Q11. Are pets allowed?
      No pets are allowed into the Event.
    • Q12. Can I bring my own food and drinks?
      No you may not bring food/drinks or any alcoholic beverages onto the premises.
    • Q13. Where can I purchase food and drinks?
      All spectator areas will have food and beverage outlets.
    • Q14. What should I wear?
      It is advisable to wear light comfortable cotton clothing. However please take care not to wear anything that is too revealing which may be offensive to some spectators. Also, we recommend that you bring a raincoat.
    • Q15. Are there facilities for the disabled?
      Buggies and toilets for the disabled are available.
    • Q16. What time are the Circuit gates open during the event?
      All circuit gates open at 8:00am.
    • Q17. Are there big screens located around the track?
      There are currently only two giant screens located near the pit building. These screens are easily viewed by partons seating at the grandstand area and the K1 grandstand.
    • Q18. Which seats get the best view?
      This is rather subjective and depends solely on individual preference. You may wish to visit the 'online ticketing' section of our website for more information on seat locations. Our panoramic videos will allow you to take a glimpse of the actual views from the seat of your choice.
    • Q19. Do I get live commentary of the race?
      Yes, a circuit commentator will be giving full coverage of the race.
    • Q20. What are the facilities available?
      For information regarding facilities, please refer to the 'track info' section of our website.
    • Q21. What happens if there is an emergency?
      There is a Medical Centre on the premises equipped with an X-ray room, doping control room, observation room, laboratories, ambulance passage as well as facilities for patients with burns. There is also a helipad available to ensure that emergencies can be transferred to proper medical institutions at the fastest possible time.
    • Q22. Will I get invited to all the events / parties if I buy a ticket?
      No, you can only attend events that are open to the public. Please check our website regularly for event updates.
    • Q23. Can I get mobile phone coverage at the Circuit?
      Yes, the track has comprehensive mobile telecommunications coverage.
    • Q24. Are earplugs necessary?
      The use of earplugs is advisable.
    • Q25. Can I bring flags and banners to support my favourite team?
      Spectators are allowed to bring flags and banners that are not larger than 1 meter or with handles greater than one metre long.