Formula 1 News
15 AUG 2017

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 - The 2017 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) enters its final round at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) this weekend with all eyes on the battle for the Touring Production crown between 19-year old Mitchell Cheah and one of the country’s most illustrious driver, Lai Wee Sing.

20 JUL 2017
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 - After more than one month since its last race, the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) returns into action this weekend for Round 4 and its penultimate leg, which could be ‘make or break’ for the leading drivers and teams in the pursuit for the overall crown this season.
08 MAY 2017
All fired up by his frustrating opening race yesterday, Alif Hamdan of R Engineering scored a satisfying victory in Race 2 at Round 3 of the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) as he blew away his rivals at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) today.
06 MAY 2017
Friday, 5 May 2017 - It’s Round 3 of the 2017 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) and another showcase of the best of motor racing at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) for three consecutive days beginning today, with some of the best actions running into the night.  
11 APR 2017
Monday, 10 April 2017- A little rain in Sepang today provided a major twist in proceedings in Round 2 of the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) as 19-year old Mitchell Cheah of N1 Racing stunned his more celebrated rivals in the Touring Production class to score an unexpected victory in Race 2 yesterday. 
09 APR 2017
Saturday, 8 April 2017- Keifli Othman and Pau See Fan put behind their opening round blues as The Doctor - Mayhem Racing Team partnership took victory for Race 1 for Round 2 of the Malaysian Championship Series (MCS) at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) today.